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Fertigation – Tried and Tested

Split Fertilizer Application Helps Optimize Nutrient Management

Split nitrogen (N) fertilizer applications can play an important role in a nutrient management strategy that is productive, profitable and environmentally responsible. Dividing total nitrogen application into two or more treatments can help growers enhance nutrient efficiency, promote optimum yields and mitigate the loss of nutrients.

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The Relationship of Milk Urea Nitrogen to Urine Nitrogen Excretion in Holstein and Jersey Cows

The objectives of this study were to assess the relationship between urinary nitrogen excretion (UN, g/d) and milk urea nitrogen concentration (MUN, mg/dl) and whether the types of carbohydrates fed interacts with the dietary CP and the breed (size) of cows to affect this relationship.

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SFF – Fertigation Project

Fertigation is the practice of adding fertilisers (liquid or soluble solids) to irrigation water and distributed through the irrigation system. Although not new to agriculture globally, fertigation is more commonly practiced in horticulture and viticulture in NZ.

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