Fertigation – The Answer to Reducing N Leaching.

Fertigation is the practice of applying fertiliser in a liquid form to a crop via the irrigation system. Using the irrigation system to apply fertiliser reduces the need to use mechanical operations. More and more we are seeing greater percentages of annual crop fertiliser requirements being applied via fertigation, to the point where some cropping systems receive 90-100 per cent by this method. When combined with an efficient irrigation system both nutrients and water can be manipulated and managed to obtain the maximum possible yield of marketable production from a given quantity of these inputs.

Fertigation is typically used to address fertiliser deficiency which inhibits plant growth, labour and operational efficiencies.

Fertigation has many advantages for Canterbury & Otago agriculture. As nutrients are applied “little and often” as the plants require them, there is no leaching of fertilisers. Plus, the pasture has a better NPK balance so less urease being produced by the cows.

This is a BIG advantage as 70% of N leaching occurs around Urine deposits.

Or do you want pastures like this picture 50% clover fixing free Nitrogen from the air.

Up to 200 kgs /ha per year. No bull, just better milk and better environment.

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