A Nitrate Solution

What is Fertigation?


By standard definition, fertigation is the application of liquid fertilisers through an irrigation system.

For us, fertigation is the vehicle for successful and sustainable farming, through precise application of fertiliser on farm, via existing irrigation infrastructure. In 2004, fertigation – the practice of applying more than just water through an irrigator – began trending globally, prompting further research and funding into fertigation projects.

Fast forward to late 2018, when our founders Andy Nurse & Graeme Pile partnered to launch Fertigation Systems. Having worked with fertigation respectively for almost 30 years combined, it was the natural next step for two rural professionals committed to solving the nitrate issues faced by New Zealand Farmers.

The business was established to implement fertigation systems into the New Zealand market. It now includes a service based product, delivering scientifically proven and researched solutions for on farm environmental issues such as the leaching of nitrates. Early adopters have seen the benefits to the farm environment plus cost savings, sparking the need for Andy & Graeme to expand the service to where it is today.

What is the “N” Answer?

The N Answer™ provides a sustainable solution:

continuity of production
operational cost savings
short payback on set up costs
compliance with regulatory requirements
able to be incorporated in Overseer
simple to operate
proof of placement and applications
environmental sustainability – on farm and beyond
not just financial savings no trucks causing compaction or leaving gates open



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