To be the leader in Fertigation Systems in pastoral farming in New Zealand.


Leading Edge

Utilisation of state of the art, proven technology.


The system will deliver what is intended, and is backed up by a service agreement.


On all levels.


Successful outcomes, achieving objectives.



FS protects the environment, while enabling farmers to continue operating in a safe and profitable manner.


FS sustains production and improves N efficiency.


FS utilises state of the art technology to monitor and measure all aspects of water and fertiliser applications.


Assisting farmers and their business by reducing the cost of urea application.

Growing up on a sheep and beef farm in Moeraki, Graeme was first exposed to the environmental impacts of his family‚Äôs trade at a young age. This sparked an interest in preservation of New Zealand’s rich farming history, with a focus on moving forward with minimal environmental impact. His time at Lincoln University exposed him to new thinking towards sustainable farming, a topic he has built a career on. Graeme has been working with practical application of fertigation for the last 15 years in New Zealand, with an underlying desire to provide a solution for our farmers facing issues with nitrate leaching. His wealth of knowledge, passion, experience and drive that allows Fertigation Systems to deliver world class solutions and services. On any given day, you can catch Graeme on farm consulting with clients, or in the office designing systems.